CBN has therapeutic potential for pain relief as well as sleep disorders

Greenate Premium SLEEP WELL contains a large amount of natural cannabinol. Greenate Premium SLEEP WELL is produced by a special carbon dioxide extraction process. This process gently dissolves the valuable cannabinols from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa).

In addition, the cannabinol (CBN) is said to have the following additional properties on the human body:

  • antibacterial effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • antispasmodic effect
  • Regulation of many physiological functions
  • at the same time influences the mood

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Greenate Premium Hemp Oil is characterized by a harmonious spectrum of natural plant substances.

Hemp seed oil is very nutritious and supports skin renewal. CBD can provide a supportive and enhancing effect of hemp seed oil.

The hemp plants are grown in an environmentally friendly way. Our hemp oils are free of genetic engineering, gluten and contain no artificially added additives (preservatives or dyes).

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CBG has a stimulating & refreshing effect

CBG oil can have, for example, a positive effect on mood, improves scaly problem skin, and can be useful for eye discomfort and nausea. In addition, CBG is said to promote appetite. Thanks to antioxidant properties, CBG oil can protect and maintain nerve cells.

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Premium CBD Extracts – The allrounder

The Allrounder is a full spectrum CBD extract and is the highest dose product in our product line. It can support the healing process of a variety of diseases and ailments. In addition to the enormous concentration of CBD, Allrounder also has an optimal full spectrum. This means that a synergy of cannabinoids (full spectrum) can achieve a great healing effect.

  • 5ml syringe with 50% CBD (2.500mg)
  • Contains CBD in its purest form
  • >=0,20% THC
  • No artificial additives

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