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Are you interested in CBD and would like to develop your own CBD business or are you already a CBD dealer / drugstore or pharmacist and want to achieve a new level of customer satisfaction?

Then we invite you to become part of the Greenate family and to rise to a new level of customer satisfaction with our GREENATE brand.

Greenate hemp oils and hemp extract are produced with the greatest care, in the highest purity and in the highest natural quality under the strict requirements of the ISO or GMP standard.

Our products are produced WITHOUT and WITH Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are characterized by a NEUTRAL taste.

GREENATE always guarantees high and consistent quality.

This means that the ratio of CBD to the other cannabinoids is always in the optimal ratio to each other. This means that our products can also develop the desired effects.

Ordering process made easy

Greenaldo offers its family members simple and uncomplicated ordering options.

The new Greenate family member can choose from the following options:

  • Simple and uncomplicated ordering via our online shop with your own ID
  • For a small fee, a separate sales page can be created, which is linked to our system.

In both cases, orders are managed by our Greenate system.


For retailers, we also offer the option of delivering our products via dropshipping.

That means the following process. By making your customer order available via an interface, we can take care of the deliveries. This saves you storage costs and you don’t have to worry about delivery.

You will receive the shipping data for the individual orders back via the same interface.

Your advantages as a Greenate family member

  • Top conditions
  • high availability
  • fast delivery
  • uncomplicated order processing

Why Greenate

  • Greenate – hemp oils and hemp extracts are produced using a special carbon dioxide extraction process. This process gently loosens the cannabinoids from the plant. By using MCT oil, a neutral taste is achieved => no pungent smell and no more bitter taste.
  • high quality standards for raw materials
  • In-house production => therefore very flexible and so we can specifically address the wishes of our members.
  • Production with and without THC
  • CBD oil in pharmacy quality

Become a Greenate family member